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Behavior Plan

Attendance Policy

When it is necessary for a student to be absent from school, the parents or guardians will notify the attendance office of the student’s absence and explain the reason for the absence.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for calling the school the day of a student’s absence.

A parental note, medical, dental
OR legal documentation must be turned into the attendance office within 48 hours after the student returns to school.

If the note or other documentation is not received by the end of the second day within the requested time frame, the absence will be treated as unexcused.

Excessive absences may result in a student receiving “no credit”.

Recording Attendance

Official attendance shall be reported and recorded in “half-day” increments.  Students shall be in attendance for at least two (2) hours to be counted as “present” for one-half day.  Students arriving late and/or departing early shall have their attendance record accurately reflect the portion of the school day they were reported as “present.”

Secondary Student Absences

Students attending secondary schools (or enrolled in grades typically defined as middle or high school grades) shall be in attendance a minimum of ninety percent (90%) of the instructional time scheduled for any particular class/course in that school (or grade) and make satisfactory academic progress in order to be unconditionally recommended for a passing grade.  All absences (excused and unexcused) shall be included in the calculation of the 90% attendance minimum except that excused absences for religious holidays shall not be counted for the purpose of determining a student’s eligibility for promotion or credit.

All absences must have a written or verbal explanation provided by the parent/ guardian within 48 hours of the student’s return to school.  An absence for which no acceptable explanation is received shall be deemed unexcused.   

Principals shall review all students’ attendance records reflecting absenteeism in excess of 10% of the scheduled instructional time and shall make a determination, after such review, regarding a recommendation for a failing grade based thereon.

Parents/guardians shall be notified, in writing, of any recommendation for a failing grade due to excessive absenteeism (absences exceeding 10% of the scheduled instructional time).   Actions leading to failing grades due to excessive absenteeism may be appealed by the parent/guardian.

Adopted:  November 1982
Revised:  August 2004
Cross Reference: JE-R Student Attendance
                             JHB-R Truancy
                             JHC - Student Absences Due to Activities