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Career Technology

Business, Marketing and Information Technology Education

Fundamentals of Web Design

Students will acquire fundamental web authoring skills and design strategies through the application of XHTML incorporating Cascading Style Sheets and future trends in web programming. Once XHTML foundation skills are achieved, students will utilize a WYSIWYG editor and graphics package for application of design principles. This course meets the computer technology graduation requirement. 

Multimedia and Image Management Techniques

Students will acquire fundamental skills in image management procedures and techniques; video presentation skills; methods for print and web publishing; and certification standards and copyright basics as they develop an electronic portfolio. This course meets the computer technology graduation requirement. 

Marilynne Tisdal
Multimedia and Image Technology


In fall 2021, Nathan Hale High School will begin to offer a construction program in partnership with Home Builders Association and the Hardesty Foundation. This program is a pathway into the construction industry that will allow students to enter the field with knowledge and certifications that will significantly increase their lifetime professional and financial opportunities. Nathan Hale High School will have approximately 140 seats available for students during the program’s first year. Students can enroll by scheduling a meeting with their school counselor.