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Pathway Programs

The strands in Hale’s Pathway programs were developed by world and national industry experts from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.

The food services curriculum, developed by the NRAEF’s ProStart program, gives successful students a Certificate of Achievement that opens the door to scholarships and employment with a number of TPS partners.

Distance learning allows students to interact with industry professionals on a global scale.

Pathway Information


Nathan Hale High School's Restaurant program provides students with the essential knowledge and skills for building a career in the food service, hotel and restaurant management, and health and dietetics industries.

Students receive classroom and on the job experiences as they participate in a curriculum that has been developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and leading practitioners in professional associations and institutions of higher education.

The following list of courses is the preferred curriculum for meeting graduation requirements:

  • Four Years of English
  • Four Years of Mathematics
  • Four Years of Science
  • Four Years of Social Studies

When a student achieves the required ACT score for the institution of higher education offering a course of interest, the student may select elective from post-secondary partners that lead to high school graduation and program completion.  Additional electives are sequenced, providing student the opportunity to meet the expectations for attaining Industry Certification and/or a Certificate of Completion in the Strand of Choice.

Program Features

  • Flexible scheduling to allow opportunities for individual scheduling to ensure maximum course selection and participation
  • Project-based learning experiences that engage students in interdisciplinary, theme-focused and authentic learning
  • Foreign language for at least two years that supports additional opportunities for students in an increasingly connected global marketplace
  • Fine arts electives that directly support a career strand of choice demonstrating the clear connection between the arts and the field of study
  • Quarterly awards that recognize exemplary achievement that can be reflected on a high school resume
  • Post-secondary and corporate partnerships providing students exposure to career options as well as the initiation of post-secondary education
  • Additional expectations for completion of each magnet program strand include:
  • Electronic Portfolio developed over the four years of program study
  • Internship experiences performed the summer before 12th grade, during the 12th grade and the summer after the 12th grade (totaling a minimum of 400 hours)


Pathway Strands


The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ProStart Program introduces students to careers in the food service industry and teaches them the basic skills and knowledge they need to achieve success.  On the job training and experience coupled with a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum fuel the ProStart Program.

The program encourages high school students to experience all aspects of operating and managing a food service establishment and also helps students build good business management skills that are as vital to all other industries as they are to food service.

Four students from Hale's culinary school smile at the camera during a showcase event.

Contact Us

Margaret Dinsmore 
Culinary Arts Lead Teacher

Todd Kramer
Culinary Arts Lead Teacher

Digital Media

Who should choose the Digital Media Pathway?

Anyone interested in the following careers:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Multimedia Artist
  • Advertising Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Animator
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Small Business Owner
  • Anyone who likes art - even if you don’t draw that well.
  • Anyone who enjoys working with computers
  • Anyone who likes the challenge of problem solving
  • Anyone who is creative - which is everyone!
What courses are in the Digital Media Pathway?

When a student chooses the Digital Media Pathway they must take Fundamentals of Technology first. They will then move on to 3 upper level technology courses.

Course Sequence:
1. Fundamentals of Technology
2. Multimedia and Image Management Techniques
3. Digital Editing and Production Photography
4. Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design/Yearbook

What will I get out of the Digital Media Pathway?
  • Completing the Pathway ensures that students will experience the full spectrum of Adobe Design programs - Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the school yearbook.
  • Students will work as designers for our in-house design company.
  • Students will leave the Pathway with valuable technology and soft skills that are vital to success in college and the career world.
  • Students will leave the Pathway with a portfolio website showcasing their design work created for class projects and real clients. 
  • Best of all students get real world experience as a graphic designer while they are still in high school!

Contact Us

Amanda Morton
Program Director and Teacher

Visit our stellar culinary students at Nathan's Bistro and enjoy one-of-a-kind cuisine!
Two Hale high school students place prepared plates of food onto a tray during a culinary showcase event.

Nathan's Bistro