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Get to Know Hale High School

Nathan Hale High School takes pride in creating experiences for students to find a niche, a school support system, and a purpose.

Students at Hale High School will experience a wide range of academic, elective, and athletic offerings while learning in a student-centered environment in which they focus on building strong, life-changing relationships. Students are taught to be ready to serve the community through continued education, the workforce, or public service.

Hale is the only high school in Oklahoma with a restaurant affiliated with its culinary arts program. Hale's Kitchen is run and operated by students, providing them real-life experiences working in the hospitality industry. Students plan the menus, prepare the food, and serve it to customers. Hale's Kitchen even offers catering options for businesses in the community.

In addition to Hale's outstanding culinary program, students can explore career pathways in the military and gain leadership and life skills training through our highly decorated JROTC program. Hale also offers opportunities for students to participate in Advanced Placement classes and concurrent enrollment at Tulsa Community College and Tulsa Tech.

At Hale High School, students will experience a student-centered environment inspiring them to learn and apply academic skills, personal values and habits of mind to succeed in high school, college, and within the community.

For more information about Nathan Hale, visit our school profile page.