Program Features
  • Flexible scheduling to allow opportunities for individual scheduling to ensure maximum course selection and participation
  • Project-based learning experiences that engage students in interdisciplinary, theme-focused and authentic learning
  • Foreign language for at least two years that supports additional opportunities for students in an increasingly connected global marketplace
  • Fine arts electives that directly support a career strand of choice demonstrating the clear connection between the arts and the field of study
  • Quarterly awards that recognize exemplary achievement that can be reflected on a high school resume
  • Post-secondary and corporate partnerships providing students exposure to career options as well as the initiation of post-secondary education

Additional expectations for completion of each magnet program strand include:

  • Electronic Portfolio developed over the four years of program study
  • Internship experiences performed the summer before 12th grade, during the 12th grade and the summer after the 12th grade (totaling a minimum of 400 hours)
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