Library Policy

Nathan Hale High School

Library Media Center Policy

1.  Teachers are encouraged to collaborate with the library media specialist in planning units and activities and in utilizing the library media center resources.

2.  Teachers must sign-up for media use in advance to avoid conflict with other groups.

3.  Research by students may be done individually or in small groups (no more than 4 at a time) without the teacher or as an entire class with the teacher present

4.  Teachers may send a total of four students with a pass to the library without their supervision. However, if the library is already full, students may be asked to return at a later time.

5.  Individuals and student groups must have a specific objective for the time they spend in the library media center.

6.  Food or beverages are prohibited in the library. Teachers should ensure students do not have these items when bringing classes to use the LMC. The librarian or library assistant will not hold drinks or food at the circulation desk.

7.  The library may be reserved for a maximum of one week per month for class projects, units, and activities. Any time spent in the library over this allotted amount prevents other students and teachers from utilizing the library. It also inhibits the librarian from working effectively with other students and faculty.

8.  While whole classes are using computer resources, teachers should actively monitor their students to ensure the library resources are being used in a meaningful way.

9.  Students must have their student ids to check-out library materials.

10.  Students are allowed to check-out three books at a time and may keep each book for two weeks. A student with an overdue item will not be allowed to check-out another book until the item is returned or paid for.

11.  Teachers are responsible for all materials checked-out in their name and will be held financially responsible for all lost or damaged materials.

12.  The library is open to students from 8:15 am-4:00 pm.
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